Experimentation and food habits the key on how to last longer in bed!

It is very easy for men to learn how to last longer in bed, but it is equally difficult for them to put this knowledge into practice. However, if men are able to follow a few simple techniques and make use of them on a regular basis, they can easily manage to engage in a session of love making for over thirty minutes. Now, that is something that most men have the desire to do, but are simply unable to do because of their inability to hold off their orgasm for such long a period. However, by following these simple yet effective techniques, they can hold off their orgasm for a much longer period of time.

Experimenting with position is an important thing that every couple should try out. There are a large number of positions that can be tried out. Experimenting with position has two very important benefits for the sexual partners. The first benefit is that it adds a sense of fun to the whole encounter, and the second is that during the change of positions, the partners are allowed to have short breaks of a few seconds, which allows the male partners to slide back from the extreme point of arousal that they have reached. So, if men are looking for ways on how to last longer in bed, experimenting can be a sound solution!

Apart from experimentation and other similar techniques, food habits also play an important role in ability of the male partner to avoid premature ejaculations. For example, men should eat a lot of Blueberries because these fruits have plenty of vitamins that provide a lot of stamina to the men. This will help them to perform better in bed. After all, plenty of stamina is the key on how to last longer in bed and avoid premature ejaculations!

If any person is wondering how to last longer in bed, it is important that they should know that it is not very easy to do so. More often than not, it can be seen that men find the desire to make love to their women or engage in a sexual encounter with their partners, but a few minutes into it, they feel an orgasm building, and once the orgasm happens, they lose complete interest in the intercourse. Even if they do feel the desire to engage in another intercourse, the intensity will certainly not be the same.

Well, under these circumstances, it is the female partners who emerge as the losers because they are not fully satisfied with the session of love making if their partners end up having a premature orgasm! What is important for men to understand is that by being able to prolong the time of their orgasm, they will also be able to increase the amount of stamina that they have in their body, thus, being able to perform better and provide more pleasure to their female partners. Therefore, it is important for them to know how to last longer in bed!

The most important thing that a person must do in order to be able to avoid a premature ejaculation while being engaged in a session of love making is to breathe properly. Proper breathing will help the men to keep their calm and keep them away from getting overtly tensed or excited due to the immense pleasure that can be availed during the time of the sexual encounter. If men have the desire to know how to last longer in bed, they have to try and breathe slow and deep so that they are able to have a complete control over their mind and body!